Custom Nightguards

Comfortable Custom Nightguards for DFW Area Patients

Do you ever notice tight jaw muscles, sensitive teeth, or temporal headaches in the morning? It may be that you’re unconsciously grinding your teeth in your sleep. Known as bruxism, this phenomenon can result in tooth wear and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

If you’ve ever tried an over-the-counter nightguard, you may have noticed that the fit and comfort leave something to be desired. Soft nightguards can even lead to more teeth grinding.

However, a custom hard/soft nightguard from Dr. Moss may be the answer. Dr. Moss can fabricate a comfortable nightguard fitted and adjusted to your unique anatomy and chewing pattern. Wearing this nightguard will relieve pressure on your teeth and jaw, helping you to avoid TMJ problems, headaches, and further wear and damage to your teeth.

Don’t risk your dental health. Dr. Moss can also check you for potential TMJ disorders and bruxism and discuss treatment options. For more information or an appointment, please contact us at (817) 488-6513