Our Technology

High-Tech Services in the DFW Area for Better Patient Care

Technology is constantly changing in all fields—and dentistry is no exception. We believe in investing in these areas when we feel it will benefit our patients. Utilization of the following advancements allows us to do just that.

Digital X-Rays

The current trend in dentistry is to abandon old-fashioned film x-rays in favor of digital x-rays—and for good reason. Digital x-rays are quicker as there’s no development time. They’re also better for the environment, since they don’t use caustic chemicals or produce film waste. Most importantly, digital x-rays are safer for our patients. This type of radiograph uses an average of 80% less radiation than traditional film x-rays.

Intraoral Camera

As the name suggests, an intraoral camera is a tiny camera that goes inside your mouth. The intraoral camera allows Dr. Moss to see the condition of your mouth in great detail and also permits you, the patient, to see what he sees.

Air Abrasion

Air abrasion is a “mini-sandblaster” used to remove tooth decay and prepare a cavity for a filling. This allows Dr. Moss to preserve more of the natural tooth structure. Often, this procedure can be done without the need for anesthetic.


CariVu is a near-infrared transillumination camera that finds cracks and detects cavities in the earliest stages that may not show up on an x-ray. This technology can take the place of an x-ray for those patients who are concerned about radiation exposure (ex. pregnant patients and patients undergoing certain cancer treatments).


Dental loupes are the special magnifying glasses Dr. Moss uses to enlarge everything he sees in his patients’ mouths. This allows him not only a better and enlarged view of the treatment site but also enables him to do his best work possible, ensuring longer lasting dental restorations for his patients.

Comfortable Injections

Because Dr. Moss understands an injection is the most dreaded part of the appointment for most patients, he goes to great lengths to provide the most comfortable injections possible. He takes several steps in this process. First, he buffers the anesthesia, reducing its acidity and helping to eliminate the burn. Next, he warms the anesthesia, reducing its sting. And thirdly, he uses a vibration device to further decrease discomfort.

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